This is a themed website.  It does not cover all the doctrines or focus on the small and simple things.  If you are looking for a better understanding on those simple things you should be looking elsewhere.  The scriptures that we have are revealed from the Holy Ghost through a Prophet of God, this is Revelation.  The knowledge on this website is not in that sense Revelation it is simply taking what is already written revelation and digging much deeper into it’s meaning.  There is a very strong possibility that you are going to disagree with a lot of this information, and that is okay.   Call them diagrams call them scrolls it is simply a way of throwing a lot of information onto something that can be followed and understood when you are studying. 
   The Palmoni Theme simply means that this website is dedicated to be a revealer of the secrets within the scriptures.  In Daniel 8:13, a certain Saint, in hebrew the name of that saint is Palmoni, and he is the Wonderful Numberer.
   Hopefully the information in this website is nothing to sacred and hopefully nothing to offend anyone.  You will also find a great deal of numbers and dates within the drawings, as far I can tell they are all pretty exact.  There will be another really long drawing coming soon that will go through the entire history of the world in the Scriptures, exact dates from the time of Adam until the establishment of the New Jerusalem and right back again!  The best is yet to come.  

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