Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Newest Scrolls 12-12-12

The Palmoni Scrolls have been a great interest of mine for some time.  They have actually shaped my life and the path that my family and I are now on.  Now mind you this isn't an exact science and I can see that now but even the Author admits that Prophecy is so much easier to see and understand in Hindsight.  That being 20/20 here are some new scrolls to kind of update current events.

QA 137 Full I come Quickly - 2015 AD Rev 22:7, 12, 20
There are 147 years of Prophecies to be fulfilled in just seven years...  Most of which find fulfilment towards the year 2015 AD.

QA 135 Full  The Four Horns on the Altars of Incense and Sacrifice.  The four Horns are the Cherubim.  Enoch Joseph Noah and Daniel.

Those being the 2 newest Scrolls just looking at them I get confused.  So what I would like to do is post some relating scrolls that will help us get more confused, I mean that will help us understand how simple everything is.  Oh wait none of this is simple!  I tend to find personally that the Simple Gospel that everyone talks about is called the gospel of John.  Don't get me wrong there are some pretty awesome complex things in the Gospel of John.  What I mean is those things which are the basic Foundation for Faith and Salvation.  Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, which you could and probably should spend the rest of your life studying.  However then why do we have and why are we Given the Gospel of Abraham.  Heaven forbid you learn to run before you can walk which I find is almost impossible.  That would be like someone understanding the Intelligences of the Spirit and how they work and move within us and around us but they only listen to the Light of Christ and have not magnified.  The Gospel is pretty much like anything.  If you are a math teacher teaching say Grade 10 math, and one of your beloved students starts taking it upon himself to learn grade 11 and 12 and calculus are you going to scold him and tell him to stick to the basics.  Well if he grasps the greater stuff pretty sure he's going to be acing whatever grade 10 math test you can throw at him.

The Scrolls may not be the simple basic gospel that we all know and love but it is in there.  This is more like speculative university Math.

QA 98      
QA 18


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