Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Using Gigapan to View the Scrolls

One of the biggest problems I have with sharing this incredible information is the fact that no one is able to view the drawings in a way that they can study them unless the scrolls are downloaded and printed.  The image is either too zoomed in or too zoomed out.  Gigapan offers a great solution to this because it allows us to zoom in gradually and glide across the scroll.  I would like to greatly thank the person who recommended it as I actually enjoy studying the scrolls on the computer now, and I am sure that it will help many other people take a look.  I have posted most of the Palmoni Scrolls on Gigapan I have about 7 more to do.
Please if you find something interesting Share it with your family, friends, and those who desire to know more about the gospel.  As well if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me.

Sorry the Scrolls are not in any order yet

This is the Newest Scroll Received June 2nd 2012

QA 98

Truth Light Face of Jesus?

QA9 Intelligence to the Last Resurrection 

QA49 Half Hour of Silence One Day 24 Hours

QA 50 Hour of Judgement Halve Hour of Silence

Appendix M Book of Mormon Lehi's House

Appendix N Seven Seals with Fifth Seal Confirmation Date

Scroll 013 - Daniel's Vision

Scroll 012 Misc 1 and Misc 2

Appendix K - History and the Scripture from 609BC to 100BC

Scroll 10 - Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar, Zion

Scroll 04 - Fifth Seal History

Scroll 01 - Seals part of 4, 5, and part of 6.  530AD as the date of the Daily Sacrifice 

Appendix G - The Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are all Christ

Scroll 05 - Seven Times until Zion is Established Dec 2011

Appendix C - Book of Mormon Dates and Areas of Proof
Scroll 014 - Cherubim and Seraphim Organizations, Who and Why

Appendix 1 Angels - Detailed Description on the Cherubim and Seraphim

Appendix 5 Angels - Progression through Light and Truth

Misc 4 Scroll Garden of Eden Tree of Life, The 4 Main Dispensations

Scroll 06 Justinian as the Son of Perdition, the Little Horn, and the Beast
Scroll 011 Ten Tribes Ten Toes, Location of the Ten Tribes of Isreal.
Scroll 09 Battle of Pteria and battle of Thymbra dates. Joseph Smith in Daniel 10:14-19 1st Nisan 546 BC

Scroll 08 Kings Popes Temporal Spiritual Power, Mark of the Beast

Scroll 03 Seven Seals Overview 

Scroll 02 The Beasts and Whore of Revelation

Scroll 07 Seven Seals in Columns

Appendix D Jehovah/Messiah (read with Appendix E)

Appendix E Jehovah/Messiah (read with Appendix D)

Council in Heaven Scroll

Appendix J FULL Seven Seals in Detail

QA1 The Holy Ghost a Personage of Spirit

QA4 Is the Holy Ghost of the Godhead a Morning Star?
QA5 Into what king of Being can another Man enter and reside there?

QA7 To overcome the body of spirit and flesh (needs fixing)
QA8 The Levels of Intelligences?

QA14 Intelligence Doctrine & Covenants 93, 130

QA18 The Organization of the Gods

QA27 Zion can only be redeemed by the Elect of God

QA48 The Power of the Priesthood


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