The Author Story

If your reading this and you know a little about the scrolls and their origin then this will be a refresher for you.  I tend to feel I'm writing this only because of the time in which we live.  I am so grateful for the time and blessings we have in our lives.  The miracles of technology, connivence, medicine, travel, are so amazing we have so much to be grateful for.  Combined with the blessings of the restored gospel, priesthood, and temples, it's a wonder we don't have a Zion society functioning yet.  I would have to say right now in the grand scheme, timeline, of things that everything is going according to God's Plan, but curious that it is also going according to the Secret Combination's plans...

Is that even possible, how incredibly apostate of a statement is that!? Blasphemy!  Well the scriptures prophecy of exactly such a time but this time will suddenly change when things will continue to go the way that God has planned it but not so much for the way the Secret Combinations have planned.  

I served my mission in the England Leeds mission.  I lived a fairly sheltered life especially doctrinally I had only 4 years of 100% seminary and probably the same for every sunday school class or fireside.  Now I say only because ultimately I feel that I didn't know very much at all in bigger picture of this Eternal Plan of Salvation.  My mission did educate me and thanks to a few very intelligent missionaries that I served with and around I was able to grasp a lot of gospel Ideas I had never even dreamed of.  Of course for the most part they were all wrong and that usually happens on the mission.  Little powerful moving mormon myth ideas or doctrines floating around and you start speculating and discussing and you find yourself in far off deep doctrine territory only the next morning to continue your reading in the Book of Mormon which would thankfully ground you back into missionary work.  

As the mission went on I found many very intensely studied members who when they found out you wanted to know more about the Gospel would share what they knew and studied.  These were also very fun times learning new ideas and historical and archeological points that proved the church true on microscopic issues.  Not quite enough evidence to call the First Presidency about, but enough to strengthen a personal testimony of Joseph Smith or of the Restoration.    

Nearing the end of my mission I will openly admit straying from the missionary library a few times in search of some Joseph Smith quotes or to read the Book of Enoch, Jasher, Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, and pretty much every other extra canonical text I could get my hands on from the Dead Sea scrolls or the Nag hammadi.  

When I finally met the Author of the Palmoni Scrolls he seemed like any other very spiritual high priest who loved having the missionaries over for dinner.  He had a good sense of humour, a great accent, and a fun quirky family.  What I didn't know what that upstair in his attic where he spent most of his time, he'd spent the last 10 years of his life devoted to studying the scriptures and finding out what they meant.  That he a poured over the history of every Country, Empire, and Kingdom, and with the help of the Spirit of Christ was able to overlap prophecy with history.  D&C 93:53, D&C 88:79.  

Now interestingly enough I had heard about this man from another missionary.  He said that when he got home that this man would send him some information on the apostasy or something.  It didn't really interest me at all at the time.  And when I inquired further the missionary didn't really know what the author had to send only that it looked cool.  

So while having dinner at this man's house I was very interested in some of the Books he had on the wall.  Some were extra canonical books like the book of Enoch.  I picked it up and flipped through it only his copy was marked more than my scriptures were marked, he had studied it at great length.  He asked if I had read it I said that I had only read through it but I enjoyed it.  He asked a few more questions to see if I had picked up anything from the book which I had not because his questions were confusing.   When I reversed his questions to ask him if he knew the answers he basically gave me the expression why would I tell you the answers when they are in the Scriptures and in the Book of Enoch.  I felt pretty humbled.  He gave me some passages in the Old Testament and D&C to read and think about.  After I had read them I was still lost as to what he was saying.  But I enjoyed our talks and my companion at the time thought the guy was a little bonkers I think.  I tended to feel that this man knew a thousand fold more than he was letting on however he just knew he couldn't tell people outright.  

He spent a lot of time learning these truths and insights only to not even tell those who are closest to him.  I guess that is how the gospel works though.

Censoring the Joseph Smith Story
Hugh Nibley, 
That man who cannot know things without telling any other living being upon the earth, who cannot keep his secrets and those that God reveals to him, never can receive the voice of his Lord…Should you receive a vision of revelation from the Almighty…you should shut it up and seal it as close, and lock it as tight as heaven is to you, and make it as secret as the grave. The Lord has no confidence in those who reveal secrets, for he cannot safely reveal Himself to such persons…If a person understands God…and the Lord reveals anything to that individual no matter what, unless he gives permission to disclose it, it is locked up in eternal silence.

I read that article about midway through my mission and I instantly knew that God will never tell me his secrets because well I just needed to tell everyone everything I knew all the time.  I spread those deep mormon mythes to any missionary that would listen.  Thank goodness I had the common sense to leave my investigators out of it.  I had the feeling that the Author of the scrolls wasn't like that, and he was keeping the secrets but trying to Show me how to find them myself.  I was to set in my ways to get it. 

I had the experience a few more times to go over and talk to him,  I even saw a partially drawn Justinian Scroll that he'd sent to Boyd K Packer.  Apparently in very few words President Packer Replied stating that he was correct.  The author never told me any of this when I was there and was very cryptic about everything.  He had all the important dates blocked out on his Timelines so that no one could really see anything.  When I got off my mission there were so many quotes from that man that stayed with me things like... ,"there has to be a meaning to this scripture, an exact meaning".   Or we'd share a scripture with him and a message and then he'd ask us what do you think that scripture means.  I'd go on with as much deep thought as I could muster and eloquently give what I thought to be the best answer and he would say nope that isn't it, how about you go home tonight and read these scriptures.  I would read that scripture over and over and memorize it but I could not pull any other meanings from it.  Simply I just didn't understand the scriptural keys so to speak and so mysteries were just hidden from my eyes no matter how much I studied or prayed.  I didn't quite have the level of spirit needed to reveal NEW information to me.  According to the author he didn't either.  He had to learn everything in Mass Amounts and with prayer and fasting the spirit would slowly piece the truth of what he already knew together.  I didn't have anything for the spirit to work with.  

When I got off my mission and had full access to the books that I needed I began doing my own studying.  I delved into the History of the church, Journal of Discourses, Hugh Nibley, FARMS, FAIR, Hyrum Andrus, Vernon Madson, Truman Madson, etc.   Every scriptural Commentary I could find LDS or otherwise.  Looking for insights into scriptures that I didn't know what they meant.  I found that most commentaries skipped over the scriptures that I was looking for.  Once while I was praying almost in frustration the spirit said I needed to study more into the history of the times in the scriptures.  However I was completely uninterested in this idea as it would take an incredible amount of time and energy.  I just wanted to read it from someone who had it all laid out for me in a book.

Well I'd about hit my personal plateau with studying, didn't really think I could personally unlock what I wanted, and having read everything I could get my hands on was just pretty content with the idea of being almost stuck. I knew that the Book of Mormon and the Church was True, I knew that God Lived, that Christ is my Personal Saviour, and I knew that Joseph Smith was a Prophet.  I should say that I KNOW those things because even today I Know them.  But today I feel like I know them to be true a 100 fold more than I knew before.    Yes I was learning more about the gospel and personal daily struggles and the gospel was always able to help in those areas.  It was great to receive answers from prayers, see the priesthood comfort and heal family members.  I can only explain my desire as wanting to be a convert again.  That excitement of learning a piecing together the scriptures and the gospel.  Having the spirit telling you things in your life you need to change, committing to a new principle and living it and gaining a testimony of it.  This is what I wanted on an eternal level.  I never wanted it to stop, and for some reason it almost felt like it did.  I'm not saying by any means that is even a bad thing.  I could and would have lived the rest of my life faithfully in the church.  I'm not saying that I needed anything new, but I think I was ready for anything.  

Well after being married and still studying, one day, my wife and I were going through some old mission stuff and it was time to throw out some more as previously my wife had thrown out a lot of my mission stuff phasing it down from a couple of boxes to about one Box.  I came across one mission planner that had survived the cut and it was from one of my last areas.  It had been years since my mission and I didn't even recognize some of the names of the members that were on it.  However I did remember the Author, and it had his phone # on the appointment.  So I got all excited and thought that I'd call him up and ask him for his research.  I would offer him any amount of compensation he asked.  It didn't matter, I would have payed anything to be honest.  Well being a young married couple I don't think I could have payed very much at all lol.  I would have had to buy them a piece at a time.  

When I called him up his wife answered the phone as happy as can be, I asked if she remembered me she said that she did and she would bang on the gong for her husband to pick up the phone in the attic.  They actually have a gong!  Gong Gong Gong, and he would pick up and say hello yes dear I've got the phone.  

I introduced myself, basically gave him a run down of my life and studies since the mission, and then asked him if there was anyway I could have him send me his research.  I didn't know what to expect, to be honest I expected a flat no or maybe something more cryptic like well what questions do you have. 

The author just paused for a while and said this is interesting, he then began to tell me a little more about himself.  He was a convert at the age of 19, he was an architect and did some work for the church.  He began studying for the same reason that I did and that is he just needed to know what certain scriptures meant and it just so happened that a couple of those scriptures we can't really find answers to.  So when the spirit told me to go and study the History and I said No, 12 years previous he said yes I will do that.  After his personal success of finding out many insights and mysteries he had the idea that when he was finished he would either write a book or publish his drawings and make lots of money to more support him and his family.  Let just say he isn't financially well off at all.  The spirit continued to work with him and he had gone through all the old testament and Book of Mormon and various other tid bits.  But just recently the spirit had told him something different and that was that he was not allowed to make any money off of  the work.  That anything he gained in this life financially or worldly from the work would be taken from him in the next.  Or something like that.  When he told me that I was sad because I thought that meant he would never send them to me, but then I thought maybe if I just payed him for the exact cost of the printing and shipping it would be ok.  He then said that he is not surprised at all that I would call him right now because he was at the end of a 3 day fast.  Apparently he does that when he's stuck on something that needs a little more spiritual umph than usual.  Well his question that he was bringing to the Lord for this particular fast what what he should do with the work.  All he knew what that it was time to begin to put it out there for the people to see.  Nearing the end of the conversation he asked if I knew how to make a website.  Well I didn't have a clue but I knew it could learn that and so I said I could do that.  He then said if he sent me some drawings and I put them up on a website for anyone to see, and I promised not to make money off them, and if I could also send him some cards with the www. adress for him he would send me some of his work.  He also wanted me to make sure to not tie him personally to the work or the drawings.  He didn't want any of the glory if the drawings ended up being something and he didn't want the persecution if the drawings ended up being something.  Since they state that 5/6ths of Christianity is going to join the true church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints there might be some persecution from the unhappy remaining 1/6th if those things ended up coming to pass.  The author has drawn all the scrolls by hand he has actually almost never touched a computer!!!

He sent me only a few at a time gradually, and I would study them go though all the scriptures and then I would call him on the phone and have him go through them with me.  Thank goodness he's a patient man because I simply could not grasp some of the concepts of light and intelligence and the spirit.  I would ask him over and over what the same scriptures meant.  When it came to the timelines it was even worse because I didn't exactly want them to be right at the time so I fought him a lot on those.  The scrolls covered a wide variety of topics, from the Atonement, Plan of Salvation, Garden of Eden, Seven Seals, Breath of Life, Light of Christ, Spirit of Christ, Holy Ghost, to even where Lehi dwelt in a tent and where the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel are.

It was great fun learning that the phraseology of the scriptures was very important.  That even just the way things are said can mean different things.  So I could then read the scriptures and pull infinite things from different angles and different phrases.  Then he taught me to throw out the idea of verses, that just because one verse or chapter ends and another begins does not mean that they can't be related.  This was especially useful in many sections of the Doctrine and Covenants. We do seem to put a box on and limit our ideas of what certain doctrines can mean.  

I had to unlearn a lot of the assumed doctrines I had be taught from rouge sunday school teachers thinking they could interest us in the class if they speculated on some obscure doctrine of the eternities, I didn't know how hard it was to unlearn something especially when you build other ideas and theories on those false ones.  So it was not just throwing out one idea it was throwing out a great deal of assumed doctrine which I had grown quite close to and even fond of.  

Well I got the drawings on the site and began to try and share them with others.  I was so excited just like a new member again. You know how we are taught that because the gospel brings us such happiness and joy why would we not want to share it with others.  Well that was unfortunately how I felt about the scrolls.  Mind you do need quite a good foundation in the gospel to grasp them.  So I wasn't looking for nonmembers I was looking for members.

Well I don't know where I started but it was some lds forum, and I didn't even know the scrolls well enough to properly explain them but I thought someone might find them interesting so I began posting them on different mormon forums and websites.  I would say about 5 percent of people liked them and 95 thought they were total rubbish nonsense.  The 5 percent always stayed silent.  Although once in a while I would get a private message from someone telling me they liked my post and not to worry about the hassle I was getting.  I actually quite enjoyed the flurry of discussions that it brought up.  There was just a bad Vibe about the name we had given the website, angelpalmoni, people didn't like that.  Palmoni simply means the Numberer of Secrets. We liked that so we used it as a theme nothing more.  So I've slowly transferred it away from that to the current scriptural secrets blog combined with the Gigapan view platform it seems to work very well.

Well that is about it thank you all those who have helped with the ideas and just friendly emails.  The new blog has reached 5000 hits so thank you if you've shared it with anyone however I apologize if it's caused any contention.  The author has informed me that there are many many more drawings to come in the near future.  It's been great fun so far and things will only get more interesting now that we are at the End of the Half Hour of Silence coming on Dec 23rd 2011.  Things will pick up at a very accelerated rate soon enough. 

Happy Studying, and Merry Christmas!