Thursday, December 13, 2012

Old Scroll Forgotten - New time to Bring it Forth

The Author of the scrolls sent me this scroll a long while ago. Unfortunately life got insane and I almost completely forgot about it.  I feel horrible about this as I feel the information on these scrolls needs to come out.  So as I sit here sipping a nice cup of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea let me tell you about this forgotten scrolls.

The time of the world we are in is Awe Inspiring!  More events of historic significance can pass before us in a single news broadcast that we don't even remember and worse don't even care.  These can be anything from a Scientific Breakthroughs, Government Corruption, Natural Disasters, or even Biblical Prophecy.  It has be said the the collective consciousness of society can change every 20s day where as in the past it could take as long as 1 - 10 years.  I don't even know what that means but it sounds about right. Unfortunately right now I think Satan is using this more to his advantage and has successfully slaughtered the Morals of Society once again.   

The breakers is talking about a time where the information and the Spirit of Light a Truth will go out so quick and so convincing that the 10 tribes of the North will be gathered from where they were scattered.  This right now is a time of Faith!  In order for you to believe in God and Jesus Christ you have to have faith you have to sacrifice for spiritual confirmation!  There are those that have the gift of faith and just naturally believe, but there are a great many who have to be brought to it and work really hard for even the slightest Spiritual confirmation, and they have to hold on to that because Doubt will creep in and take that away from you.  

There will come a time Soon when people will no longer come into the Faith of Jesus Christ because of Faith they will come in because of knowledge.  You could call it the Second Great gathering.  And it's going to make the first look like a Drop in the Ocean.  

Enjoy Studying the Scroll!



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